Embedded in a neat environment

To make your dream come true, Tierra Verde Atenas is offering eight lots for sale. The lots can be purchased with or without construction project.

The well-developed zone is surrounded by green countryside and is characterized as a peaceful and sunny residential area. The center of Atenas can be reached in a few minutes by car via the public access road.


Lot                      Area               Price                     Status

A1                       364 m²           32.000 USD          available

A2                       364 m²           30.000 USD          available

A3                       364 m²           32.000 USD          available

A4                       364 m²           33.000 USD          available

A5                       366 m²           33.000 USD          available

A6                       962 m²           70.000 USD          available

A7                       1259 m²         90.000 USD          available

A8                       2973 m²       230.000 USD          available

Assessment during the construction process of the house
If desired, we are pleased to assist you with the planning and construction of your own home from beginning to end. Benefit from the country-specific knowledge of our team and the proven qualities of our architectural partner. More information at Architecture.

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